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When the plan is right, the numbers are right. Squadra helps you to run your business successfully. Month by month.

The most important thing of the week.

Alles auf einen Blick auf Ihrem Dashboard ersichtlich.


Der Kalender.

Who is working when? Which shift is not yet occupied? Who is on holiday and when? The calendar shows it


Plan shifts faster.

Squadra basiert auf einen monatlichen Planungsrythmus, so dass die Stunden der geplanten Schichten jederzeit zum Budget abgeglichen werden können. Dies unterstützt eine effiziente Betriebsführung.


Plan quickly. And good.

Das intelligente Dropdown-Menü macht sofort klar, wer für eine Schicht eingesetzt werden kann – und wer nicht.


A calendar for everything

Absences can be entered directly in the monthly planning. Events, appointments and training courses can be precisely scheduled and all participants see the information directly in the shift or in their calendars.


Chômage partiel ? Pas de problème!

In the event of short-time work or bad weather, shifts can be cancelled simply and easily. These are marked as such and can be used for analysis and accounting.


Timely and fast shift time control

Completed assignments are visible to the manager directly in Squadra. The manager is asked to review the completed assignments on the dashboard. Adjustments are explained and communicated to the employee directly in the app.


Employee Dossier

The employee sheet is filled out directly by the employee in the app during onboarding. The manager can view the current hourly, holiday and rest day balances at any time.


The app for your smartphone.

No more missed shifts and forgotten entries..

Directly on the start screen, the employee can see his next shift and any tasks he has to complete, such as adding a shift or recording availabilities.


Der Einsatzplan.

In the calendar view of the web app, the operations manager can see all planned, open and cancelled shifts, staff absences, events, appointments and training.


Schnell und einfach.

The app automatically queries the employee's absences before the start of the planning process and they are directly included in the planning process.


Clock in, clock out, ready.

Clocking in and out of a shift is done conveniently and easily in the app. In the event of deviations from the defined tolerance regarding the start and end of the shift and the required break duration, the employee must enter a short explanation.


The doctor's certificate directly to the boss

In the event of absence due to illness, the doctor's certificate can be uploaded directly in the app.


Hours and holiday overview

The status of each assignment can be seen directly in the app. If the manager has made adjustments, these are displayed to the employee. The current hourly and holiday balances are always at hand, as are the monthly statements.


Trust your own eyes.

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