Comment fonctionne la saisie des temps ?

Time recording can either be done by the employee directly in the smartphone app or stationary with the Squadra tablet app.

Squadra propose-t-il différents rôles ?

Squadra defines different roles so that employees can see shift schedules, their own assignments and work logs. Managers and administrators have access to the web app and can schedule and change shifts as well as view employee data and visualise working hours.

Quel est le modèle de prix qui me convient ?

If you want predictable costs, we recommend a fixed subscription with a cost per employee. If you only want to pay when you earn, then hourly-based billing is the right option for you.

How are costs calculated for changing employees in the subscription model?

With the monthly subscription, all employees active at the beginning of the month are invoiced. With the half-year and yearly subscription, additional active employees are billed monthly at the discount of the subscription.

Puis-je connecter Squadra à d'autres programmes ?

We have an Open API policy, i.e. we are constantly expanding our product so that we can automatically exchange data from or to other systems. If the system you are looking for is not yet available, please contact us at hallo@squadra.work.

Les feuilles de temps doivent-elles être imprimées et envoyées ?

With Squadra, every staff member always has access to his or her visted assignments. In case of changes, the employee is proactively informed and the change is clearly displayed and justified directly in the app.