Please test Squadra, but thorough!

Squadra Stressless Package

The evaluation, testing and introduction of new software solutions and tools always involves time and risks. And our experience shows that a short product demo is not enough. It needs a real test and that's why we invented the Squadra Stressless Package.

Step 1: Determine the person responsible for the project

In order for us all to work and test efficiently, there needs to be one person on your side who is responsible for the test and therefore our primary contact person.

Step 2: Set up test operation

We will set up your test operation within 48 hours. To do this, we need a list of employees with their last name, first name and email, as well as the current schedule for the next month.

Step 3: Staff training

In a 60-minute training session, we explain to the relevant people how Squadra works and introduce you to the test operation.

Step 4: Testing

You can test Squadra free of charge for 30 days. For questions and emergencies, our support is available 24/7 directly via the app and helps you solve problems quickly. We help you find the right package and increase efficiency.

The entire package, including setting up test operations, staff training and comprehensive support, costs only CHF 300.

Jetzt Sorglos Test buchen.